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On, you can find your entire digital library on your computer and download your books purchased from Vivlio or from one of our partner booksellers.

The simplicity of Vivlio digital reading is just a click away!

Organise your library
Listen to your audio books and read your rich digital books
Read in full screen
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Log into MyVivlio with your login details or add your books manually from your computer.
Once your library is synchronized, you can read all your books with or without an Internet connection. Make yourself at home!

10 years already
Vivlio is first and foremost a human adventure. More than 30 people have been sharing the same passion for the book industry and innovation for 10 years now!
Vivlio, a responsible system all the way!
From 100% recyclable kraft packaging to low carbon impact rail deliveries, our sensitivity to ecology, to people and to the world of tomorrow commits us to developing responsible and reasoned products that serve social values, committed to the planet and the community.
Vivlio, the French touch
Vivlio, the best French alternative, with reading applications and an e-library entirely created & developed in Lyon and an exclusive distribution of our products in the major French and European cultural stores

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