Vivlio Touch HD Plus e-reader

The combination of design and performance

The Touch HD Plus ereader in video

Discover our covers

We have designed covers especially for the  Vivlio Touch HD Plus.

You can find them at:
Boulanger, Cultura, LDLC, Decitre, E.Leclerc, Club, Furet du nord, Standaard Boekhandel.

About the Vivlio Touch HD Plus

The Touch HD Plus has serious arguments against its competitors at almost the same price and can claim to be among the best ereaders on the market.

20 Minutes

This e-reader has a lot of arguments in its favor: the French company Vivlio offers a beautiful product, once again very fine and with polished finishes.


The Vivlio Touch HD Plus seems to be the ultimate reading device. It doesn't seem to have much to be ashamed of when compared to the competition from the behemoths Kobo Clara HD and Amazon Kindle 2019. It only lacks a hint of notoriety.

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