Touch Lux 5 e-reader

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The Touch Lux 5 e-reader in video

About the Touch Lux 5

This Vivlio Touch Lux 5 is a little wonder. With its beautiful screen with blue light filter and its exemplary speed, the reader is a success that will satisfy all reading enthusiasts. It will be perfect for readers who read a lot in the evening or on public transport.

While containment has temporarily closed the doors of bookstores, the French e-reader Vivlio Touch Lux 5 wants to be part of a virtuous ecosystem and offer a national alternative to Amazon's Kindle.

20 Minutes

The design of its ereaders with buttons below the screen works well and stands out from the rest. Its lightness (the best on the market) and compactness are its main assets.

Tom's Guide

Discover our covers

We have designed covers especially for the Vivlio Touch Lux 5.

You can find them at:
Boulanger, Cultura, LDLC, Decitre, E.Leclerc, Club, Furet du nord, Standaard Boekhandel.

10 years already
Vivlio is first and foremost a human adventure. More than 30 people have been sharing the same passion for the book industry and innovation for 10 years now!
Vivlio, a responsible system all the way!
From 100% recyclable kraft packaging to low carbon impact rail deliveries, our sensitivity to ecology, to people and to the world of tomorrow commits us to developing responsible and reasoned products that serve social values, committed to the planet and the community.
Vivlio, the French touch
Vivlio, the best French alternative, with reading applications and an e-library entirely created & developed in Lyon and an exclusive distribution of our products in the major French and European cultural stores
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