Vivlio InkPad 3 e-reader

High tech in large format

The InkPad 3 ereader in video

About the InkPad 3 ereader

The InkPad 3 has many arguments to seduce the amateurs of reading on big screen: a very compact format and a controlled weight, a well conceived lighting, an effective ergonomics, a management of the protections of files a little less constraining than the others, a reasonable price. What more could you ask for?

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Tom's Guide

For a large format, it is in our eyes the best tablet in this category among those we tested. It therefore faces without blushing its competitor Kobo.

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Septembre 2019

The InkPad 3 is a quality e-reader that stands up very well to the competition.

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Discover our covers

We’ve designed covers specifically to protect and personalize your Vivlio InkPad 3.

You can find them at:
Boulanger, Cultura, LDLC, Decitre, E.Leclerc, Club, Furet du nord, Standaard Boekhandel.

Liseuse Vivlio InkPad 3 noire et sa housse origami

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