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The Color ereader in video

About the Color ereader

The Vivlio Touch Color brings a new life to digital reading thanks to its color screen that will delight comic book fans; some will find it too small, especially for the big Franco-Belgian comics. Despite everything, the exercise remains readable, does not tire the eyes, and navigating in the menus and color covers is a real pleasure. The Vivlio is easy to learn and offers a customization that is not always found in the competition. We also welcome the possibility of listening to books that are not specifically audio (text-to-speech function), music playlists and viewing color photos.

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Les Numériques

The Lyon-based manufacturer Vivlio is launching in France the first digital reader with a color screen, the Vivlio Color. With its 6-inch screen, the device is simple and pleasant to use and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for discovering comics, mangas or children's books on an e-reader with a new level of comfort.

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20 Minutes

Discover our covers

We have designed covers especially for the Vivlio Color.

You can find them at:
Boulanger, Cultura, LDLC, Decitre, E.Leclerc, Club, Furet du nord, Standaard Boekhandel.

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